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Vision & Values




1.  To bring the life changing and healing message of the FATHER’S LOVE to the Body of Christ.

2.  To see LEADERS personally restored and healed by the FATHER’S LOVE.

3.  To ASSIST leaders in their focus both personally and in their service, through loving support and a sound understanding of their ministry.

4.  To encourage leaders and their people to develop transparency, openness, accountability and humility in their marriages and in all relationships.

5.  To equip and train both leaders and the Body of Christ in their personal faith and service from a revealed place of security in the Father’s Love.


1.  To live life in such a way that our highest priority is to have intimacy with our Heavenly Father, to love Jesus as our Bridegroom and to bring this love into our relationships with our spouse, our children and others.

2. To receive the Father's love daily for ourselves and then to give, live and minister out of the overflow of that love in our lives, letting this love overflow into the world.

3. To return always to the Father's house for strength, confidence, peace, self-esteem and identity, and to practise His Presence throughout each day.

4. To have an attitude of submission to God's authority both in the world and in the church.

5. To live lives that are transparent and totally open to our Heavenly Father, to our spiritual fathers and to each other as we hold one another to a lifestyle of personal responsibility and accountability in all spheres of life, hiding nothing from those around us.

6. To take personal responsibility for our lives, actions and emotions, and to allow all our words to be seasoned with grace.

7. To walk in the "Spirit of Christ" thus demonstrating His humility, meekness and lowliness of heart.

8. To serve from an attitude of unconditional love and acceptance of God's church in our city, nation and the nations, and to respect local church government in its diversity and flavour.